Posted by Asif Mumtaz

Social shopping with Mallzee lets you select items from over 200 stores, create your own virtual store, discuss your favorite items with friends and even invite them to shop!

Do you ever feel frustrated by shopping –wishing you could find all of the items you desire, under one roof? You can if you shop online, but you’re still burdened with having to compare prices and move between different online stores before you eventually pick the products you want to buy.

Mallzee, a new internet based social shopping platform, is changing all of that. Mallzee creates a social shopping experience that’s a combination of a mall, hanging out with friends, having a personal shopper and getting the best deals on everything!

Mallzee lets you select from over 200 retailers, letting you create your own virtual shopping mall, where you can choose stores based on your own preferences. Mallzee’s algorithm will analyze your selections and then suggest other items you might like. Next you can invite your friends to hang out at your store, and get their input on items before you buy them. Your friends can even shop from your store, so you can both get the best deals on everything –no comparison shopping needed; Mallzee does the work for you!

Not only is Mallzee a social shopping experience, its also an opportunity to earn cash. Mallzee gives you the opportunity to earn money from your store. You can spread the world about your store and make money when anyone purchases items from it. You can also select from prizes just for spreading the word.

Mallzee is an innovative idea to socialize shopping (Albeit, it can be bad news for shopaholics). Second to social networking, I can see how social shopping can become the ‘next’ addictive activity. To avoid overspending, use Mallzee’s social shopping features to talk over impulse buys with your friends. And shop with caution…

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