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VoIP softphones turn a computer into an all-in-one communication device!

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A cool development in VoIP technology is the relatively recent addition of softphones. As I explained in my “What is VoIP?” post, VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and is when “all of your standard voice, fax and voice mail…are transported via the internet.”

After the need for having your phone being physically wired into the “public telephone network” became unnecessary with the introduction of VoIP, the next logical step, was to get rid of the need for a physical phone altogether.

This is precisely where softphones come in. A softphone is “a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet.” This can be done via an application, which can be run on a desktop or laptop and is therefore cheaper “than using dedicated hardware”, which makes for a great pairing with a Virtual PC.

Even more exciting, is the possibility of harnessing Cloud Computing and specifically, pairing Cloud Desktops with softphones. Cloud Desktops are a brand new technology, which allows you to run robust applications and programs on a thin client such as an iPad. To learn more about Cloud Desktops, click here.

Now, all you need to setup a softphone is:

  • A PC with a mike and speaker
  • Internet connectivity
  • Account with a VoIP provider

After the softphone program is installed, the image of a regular phone on your device’s screen, will replace your standard phone; saving money and desk space while providing you with the bonus of easy to access, video chat features!

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