Posted by Renee Schmidt

The IDC Elevator’s Startup Camp provides an easy way for startups to rise the ranks to success; providing initial funding, training, grooming and more.

Startups suffer from a high failure risk. Unfortunately, this very threat of failure often proves to be the reason why many don’t pursue entrepreneurial dreams and instead, stick to mere 9-5 jobs.

If you’re tired of the rut and want to experience the entrepreneurial side of the life, the IDC Elevator is an opportunity worth exploring. Simply put, this unique startup camp allows individuals to achieve personal ambitions and boast their businesses through a monetary heads-up and exposure to funding and worldwide networking.

Raising initial business capital and formalizing an official business structure are considered the most crucial challenges for startups. The IDC Elevator assists in these aspects in its startup camp. The IDC Elevator provides startups with perks up to $140,000 with $20,000 given in cash while the rest is provided through business services, including consulting, accounting, legal support, human resources, public relations, and more. In return, the program takes up to 10% equity in each invested startup.

Based in Israel, the IDC Elevator invests in up to 20 startups each year and conducts two 4-month programs annually. Candidates spend the final month of their training in the United States. To add to the project’s appeal and portfolio, it is mentored by many distinguished and inspiring individuals –most of which are founders/ directors/ partners in the largest investment houses, corporate brands and technology centers present in the world.

The IDC Elevator provides funds and training for exciting tech-companies launching some of the most extraordinary software for web and mobile. Since the IDC Elevator is looking for initial stage startups with a passion and hardworking team; if the founders have an innovative idea that solves real-world problems, the IDC is eager to take it on board, irrespective of what stage their product is at.

So, here’s the bottom line: If life hasn’t given you the chance to live your dream and follow your passion, leap forward and accelerate your business with the IDC Elevator’s Start Camp. Apply now because opportunity doesn’t wait forever (and in this case, as of this writing, it’s only knocking for another 8 days, 19 hours, 55 minutes and a few seconds)! I had the pleasure of visiting the IDC Elevator on a recent trip (I was exploring Technology in Israel). What I can share is: even if you’re an angel investor or a venture capitalist, the IDC Elevator’s global entrepreneurial ecosystem is the place you ought to explore.

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