Posted by Renee Schmidt

The StillShot app turns your favorite moment from any video into a still shot photograph.

If you want to make a photo from a moment in a video, you don’t have to be tech savvy to capture the frame. You don’t even need to know a thing about video editing. With StillShot you can get the perfect shot from your video, available for iPhone and iPad. 

In the still shot category, the StillShot app is probably the easiest app for non-technical people. All you do is load a video that you’ve already recorded and then use swipe controls to move through frames until you reach the exact one you want to capture.  You can even watch the video within the StillShot player until you reach the part that you want to capture.

Suppose you go on a trip and you film a video. When you’re back, you suddenly want to share photos on Facebook or your blog but you don’t know how to extract frames out of that video and convert them into photos. Even if you use screen capture software, you may end up with low quality images. StillShot gives you the ability to use just a few touches on your iPhone screen to get all the still shot images that you need out of a video, without losing image quality.

Let’s face it, with more social networking, people are also more enthusiastic about photos (probably why so many companies are bringing interesting photo apps online). Most of these apps have pretty awesome technology and they do the trick in one way or the other. What’s catchy about StillShot is that it’s so easy to use! Add value to your iPhone video capturing abilities and take a still shot from pre-recorded video.

For a limited time, here are some codes for free downloads of StillShot:


To enter these codes, enter the App Store, and click “Redeem” at the bottom of the Featured tab. Every code can be used only once (first come, first serve!)

Download StillShot from iTunes.

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