Posted by Jason Moriarty

I received a Casio Calculator Watch when I was about eight years old. I remember thinking two things about that watch: the first thing was “wow this thing is so heavy my arm might break off” and  the second was that no other piece of technology could ever top this.

Well the calculator watch has officially been trumped by iWatchz. iWatchz allow you to wear your iPod Nano like a watch, how cool is that? The best part about the iWatchz is that there are several different styles to choose from – from the low-end “Q” collection to the ultra-sheik “Elemental.”

Being that the iPod Nano can display any number of things on its super-crisp display the possibilities are endless. You can switch between a Tron-like neon digital display or class it up with a more traditional analog display. I just wish these bad boys where waterproof so I could wear them everywhere!

These watches are available from so hurry up before time runs out.