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Posted by Renee Schmidt

Is social media as reliable as the mainstream media for news? It’s hard to say if news on social media can be trusted, but it is surely an effective complement to mainstream media.

It was a software consultant who first tweeted about the events leading up to Osama Bin Ladin’s capture and death. Sohaib Athar (@ReallyVirtual) tweeted that “extraordinary choppers” were in his area of Pakistan. He didn’t know at the time that it was a U.S. operation to capture Bin Ladin. Because of his tweets, several mainstream media outlets followed up on the story and found that Osama had been captured and was dead. Before long, the entire internet was abuzz with the Osama news gone viral.

Similarly, is the story of  Neda Soltan, an Iranian woman shot in broad daylight during one of the Iranian protests. A video of the travesty surfaced on the Internet, later spreading like wildfire via social media.

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Posted by Renee Schmidt


SEEK or SHOUT, an online network for Journalist, Bloggers, Feelancers and Communicators (i.e. ‘tastemakers”) pairs up with Cision

Cision is a leading, web-based public relations (PR) tool for finding almost any media content needed. Cision helps PR professionals target pitches, connect with audiences, monitor coverage, and manage campaigns –all the elements it takes to get a story out. Cision is great for members from all sorts of media outlets to find the best leads. But if you’re not in the mainstream media, don’t fret!  Just last month, Cision announced their collaboration with SEEK or SHOUT, a mainstream online network for Journalist, Bloggers, Feelancers and Communicators (i.e. ‘tastemakers.)

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