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Take the Interview and Candex are a new wave of tech solutions set on revolutionizing the way businesses and potential employees get together.

As Editor of SheBytes; a blossoming tech blog and Principal of Madison Technology; a NYC based Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting company, you might have guessed that I love technology!

That’s why, I recently attended “Tech Streaming the Industry: Take the Interview and Candex Launch” event in NYC’s hotspot Yotel, and was blown away by the promising prospects.  Watch this reel:

Allow me to break down what each of these promising technology startups is all about.

Take the Interview

Take the Interview (or just TTI), is a completely unique and futuristic approach to hiring unlike any other. TTI’s CEO, Danielle Weinblatt (@dweinblatt) has a simple concept:

Weinblatt has decided to take the interview process into the 21st century via a medium we are all familiar with; video…

Instead of having potential candidates physically come in individually for each and every available company position, (which is extremely time consuming), with Take the Interview; the process is streamlined and simple.

Company’s post job listings with a specific list of interview questions, and then invite candidates to their specific post via email. Interested candidates submit virtual interviews to employers by videoing themselves answering these questions and sending the videos directly to TTI, where they are available for company review!

“We’re a next generation software company designed to help companies recruit their next generation of candidates -younger generations are comfortable letting their personality shine through video”, Weinblatt explains.


Candex CEO Jeremy Lappin is also set on transformation.

Lappin’s company delivers a change in the way HR operates. Candex is one central network where companies will feel comfortable posting and managing job listings. Key to Candex’s approach is the ease of use and customizable options which allows clients to specify exactly how they’d like to go about hiring employees.

Clients get to choose from three different job posting options; “posting privately”, “posting to preferred suppliers” and “posting to open market”. This way of doing things permits flexibility and ensures that employers will be able to get the most specialized and appropriate employee resumes for their company.

Both Candex and Take the Interview are boldly shaking things up by applying technology to more traditional ways of handling HR in an effort to streamline the process.

This is exactly the type of innovative thinking that gets me excited about technology and makes the NYC tech startup scene, such a wild thing to be a part of!

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