Posted by Jesse Braunstein

If you’re shopping for children this holiday season, we have two tech children’s gift ideas, both for under $24.99!  We know that as the holidays approach, everyone needs some extra help with their holiday gift shopping.


First up is a little guy made by Desk Pets who’s sure to entertain you for as long as its USB rechargeable battery lasts: the Tankbot.

This petite robot is smart.

With three different switchable modes, the Tankbot will go from showing you its own personality while cleverly browsing the surroundings, to becoming your personal remote controlled minion.

Pick your own Tankbot up here for only $19.99, and let us know how much fun you two have together.

Da Vinci’s Catapult

Now for something a little more devilish and construction based.

The da Vinci catapult made by the team at The Brain Store, is for the Lego obsessed kid who wants to see his creations wreak some serious havoc after assembly.

The catapult comes with comprehensive instructions, is made of real and nice looking wood and even includes a clay ball to shoot.

Both gifts are ideal for children or the forever-young adult who needs a new office toy!

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