Posted by Renee Schmidt

Technology and children –how are our children being impacted by the ever-increasing use of technology?

Technology has grown to become deeply entrenched in our daily lives; increasingly more so over the last 20 years. The result is children as young as tots proficient with iPads and smartphones, with respective Facebook pages to boot. While it may be cute, it’s not always fun and games. With technology changing so rapidly, parents are struggling to keep up with the latest platforms, and more importantly, the shifting rules of data sharing and online etiquette.

A CNN article I read today highlighted the phenomenon: “Consider the meteoric rise of social networks and how they shape our children’s experiences. Only six years ago, before Facebook opened to the general public in September 2006, the term “friend” typically described neighborhood pals and schoolmates.” While it’s true that social networks can be a perfectly secure and fun way for young adults to share data and form healthy social relationships; how young is too young?

Technology and Children

The average preschooler is now more able to play video games than ride a bike or tie a shoe, and three-quarters of all middle school- and high school-age kids already own a mobile phone!

Why the rush to grow up so quickly? My fondest moments are from my childhood, before our present technology craze. Life was slower; it was serene. Today’s children are missing out on that joy. If they want to play grown-up, dress them up in a Little Man Tie Tee Shirt and put the picture on YOUR Facebook page; they can hold off on their own page until after puberty.

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