Posted by Renee Schmidt

What is the relationship between technology and people?

Technology is a powerful vehicle to swiftly connect people across all corners of the earth.  Ironically, in today’s society, technology is being used for the exact opposite means for that which it was intended.

I’m from a spiritual school of thought, whereby people were created for the sole purpose of finding harmony and unity amongst each other.  There’s little doubt in my mind that everything around us is interconnected.  At the atomic level, science has already proven this point: that everything in our realm is infused with a single energy intelligence. Einstein calls this energy the Theory of Everything.

Perhaps what I am saying sounds fanatical but imagine for a moment explaining a cell phone to a person living 3,000 years ago.  The conversation might go something like this: “so you take this box and you dial in a number, wait a moment, and then through the box you can speak with someone on the other side of the earth.”  To our predecessor, your ‘story’ would be as absurd as the splitting of the red sea occurs to most people today.   

The Intention of Technology

If our very purpose is to bring people together, technology and people is a powerful combination –because technology used properly can spread a message of unity across the globe within minutes. It’s occurred in the past, ex: people banding together in times of tragedy or natural disaster (difficult times usually awaken us to the important and necessary in life). On the contrary, when technology is used without proper intention (as most people use it today), it creates for separation and disunity.

Technology and People

Technology today pushes people to be alone. But spiritually speaking, being alone is a disease. The Internet is beautiful; it keeps us connected (on Facebook, Match, Twitter) but in our cave. Unity has faded away and people no longer desire to be together. We are losing friends; a friend makes a single mistake and they’re banished from our life. In the end though, we are very safe. We are so lonely, yet so safe because we are alone. For a few dollars we watch a Movie On Demand; we experience life through that movie. Then we got to sleep and actually believe we have experienced life with a human being. We watch a motion picture and we call that life. Or we go out for a drink with people we don’t trust very much but it’s okay as long as they’re drinking too. And when we’re finished drinking, we go home and we’re alone again. We forget our purpose of existence: unity. If you enjoy constantly being alone, you’re spiritually unwell. Because being along is a disease. That’s because there’s no purpose to existence if perpetually we are alone.

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