Posted by Renee Schmidt

There’s an art to disappearing… and I am not talking about a bad relationship.  Besides the fact that I found these pictures on the internet, using my computer, I’m pretty uncertain if this stuff passes as “technology”, per se.

That being said, I was so intensely fascinated when I found these pictures that my first thoughts were to write them up in a post, and send it throughout the cyber galaxy via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms…so here we are again; back with technology.

The Chinese artist Liu Bolin has found a way to paint himself into everyday scenes. Using just regular paint, carefully picked positions and locations, cameras and nearly “10 hours” of preparation paint time, Bolin can disappear in plain sight. These pictures say a thousand times more than I ever could, but are just the tip of the iceberg; appetizers to whet your appetite and give you  just a taste of his craft.

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