Posted by Renee Schmidt

In much the same way that a seed all-inclusively contains the DNA of a tree (its branches, leaves and fruit), each of our intentions contain a ‘fruit,’ or end result as well.

Alternatively, no matter how sophisticated the DNA of a seed, if the environment that seed is planted in does not have a healthy ‘soil,’ there is no way for the seed to bear healthy fruit.

Intention is equally as important as environment.

Likening the above to business: no matter how great our intentions are, or how talented we are, if our environment is not conducive to our growth and the manifestation of our greatness, the end result could never match our intentions.

Speaking for myself personally, I have worked in businesses that lacked either side of the coin. In banking for example, the environment was ripe for growth and profitability, but I didn’t have an intention. While I was learning an incredible amount about capital markets and business, I wasn’t lit up by the industry and I felt as though I was drifting somewhat aimlessly at sea. Later in my career, when I developed clear intentions about my desire to be an entrepreneur; I realized the importance of having an environment that supports the manifestation of my skillset and entrepreneurial desires. A good example: if you want to be a billionaire, make sure you align yourself in a business and/or with partners who share that same desire. If you align with people who desire to earn a few hundred thousand, you will feel a constant frustration because of the stagnation.  It’s all about authenticity.

Wisdom is the ability to see the end at the beginning. What seeds are you planting today?

1. Ask yourself everyday what your intentions are (ex: why am I doing what I am doing?). Each of us has desires, however, without our setting an intention, there’s no way to manifest the fulfillment of those desires.

2. Once you have a clear intention, make sure the people you’ve surrounded yourself with can support your growth.

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