Posted by Renee Schmidt

The Daily Muse is our favorite new startup; a a female oriented networking site, like nothing that has come before.

Its self-proclaimed mission (as per the “About” page), is to “bring community and career opportunities to professional women” and judging by what I’ve seen so far, they’re well on their way to doing just that.

That’s saying a lot considering the company and website have only been live for a couple of weeks!

Although Daily Muse wants to be thought of as the missing link between The New York Times and Glamour I see Daily Muse as a cross between a more laid back, women only version of LinkedIn and

Daily Muse (@dailymu_se) specializes in blog style articles that are very relevant and worthwhile for every woman. The pieces cover female career relevant topics ranging from “Does Your Makeup Matter at Work?”, to “An Introvert’s Guide to Networking”.

Additionally, what I love about the Daily Muse website as a whole (besides that it is female operated for a female audience, just like SheBytes), is its lucid layout and clever style.

Check out the creative and cute design used on the classic social media icons on their “About” page!

According to Business Insider, Daily Muse’s cofounder Kathryn Minshew tweeted the news that her brand new startup Daily Muse will be headed to Y Combinator!

Y Combinator is a prestigious startup boot camp that helps nascent innovators make the trek through inception, thought development and funding. We hope that Daily Muse’s vivid vision will yield to ultimate success.

Good luck Daily Muse, make us proud!

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