Posted by Renee Schmidt

The future is approaching…and fast. Writing a letter to the universe won’t change time, but it may help you focus!

A stereotypical blog post on the future is bound to include: “although flying cars are still just a promise” or “soon, the majority of surfaces around us will be embedded with LCD technology,” and my personal favorite; “the robot will take a premier role in the lifestyle of tomorrow”.  These claims are repeated year after year, yet they remain nothing more than unfulfilled promises.

The closest thing to a flying car remains a plane, the only real advance in LCD technology has been the strict diets TV companies have put their products on recently, and the Roomba is still the sole robot to take a “premier role” in everyday life.

The fact is, that this traveling tripe is really not what’s important about the future. What is crucial, rather, is that the future is coming (as it always has been), and we ought to be sure that when it gets here, we are satisfied with the pasts we’ve each written., while based on a ridiculously simplistic concept, challenges us to reevaluate our present. It’s a service that allows you to “write an [open] letter” (aka: an email), to yourself (and the universe).  The service will then send it to you whenever you set it to send, anytime from now until the year 2061!

I encourage you to fill out an email to yourself.  Take a moment to analyze all aspects of your life including relationships, business, spirituality, and fitness in order to maximize “future you” potential.

We’ve all heard “The Golden Rule”: treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.  For this to really work, we must spend a great deal of time focused on oneself, (not in a vain way, but in a way which makes you appreciate the impact of your choices).

Many people don’t spend enough time on the self (considering how their choices impact the grand scheme of things).  That’s a terrible mistake, because no choice is more important than your own.  So fill out the letters, set the delivery date (I recommend a birthday delivery, one or five years in the future), and let me know what you think about the future ( –when it gets here).

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