Posted by Renee Schmidt


Albert Einstein wrote, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” This is true. 

Traditional management consulting firms, a $200Bn a year business, suffer from the same ills as their clients. This is why they don’t accomplish much, creating rather, a co-dependent relationship, whereby their consulting revenues increase year over year. A consultancy is hired, they provide re-used and re-polished pitch decks filled with well-substantiated advice to make the best possible decision. The venture fails or wins, irrespectively; the client has someone to point a finger at if “it” hits the fan. And the cycle repeats.

Management consulting that results in lasting and impacting change must adopt a new and innovative approach to holistically identify and treat the root cause of corporate dis-ease, from where organizational problems first emerged. In so doing, it’ll stand a chance at breaking the vicious problem/solution cycle, jumping directly to desired outcomes. But how is this accomplished? In my view, through an understanding of the dynamics of our universe. Sounds outrageous, but stay with me…

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