Posted by Renee Schmidt

Google; I’m a fan. You’ve revolutionized the web, eCommerce, search, email, voice calls (and the list goes on and on). But this takes the cake…

From eWallets, NFC technology, and the Square iPhone Payment Processing system, the overhanging concept of mobile checkout is all the rage right now (I alone have written 3 articles on the subject in just the last week). I don’t like to repeat myself, but I had to do it for Google’s sake; because they are yet another example of a conglomerate that understands that cash is, after all, king.

On Tuesday Google opened registration to its annual developer conference; but there was a catch — the $900 admission charge could only be processed via the company’s new mobile payment system, Google Wallet.

While Google posited the eWallet requirement as a way to “speed things” up and “expedite the registration process”, many registrants viewed the mandate as an obstacle to sign-up. I view it as a brilliant business move for a not-so-widely-adopted payment system, to:

  • increase adaptation; and
  • garner some major press!

Needless to say, the Google Developer Conference sold out in 20 minutes. Not much of an obstacle. Way to go Google!

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