Posted by Renee Schmidt

Levo league, a new wave of women, takes on on the challenge of equal pay.

On April 17th, President Obama proclaimed — National Equal Pay Day, calling Americans to recognize the full value of women’s skills, their contribution to the work force, acknowledge the injustice of wage discrimination, and join efforts to achieve equal pay.

Make some noise generation Y ladies! National Equal Pay Day has defiantly broken the glass ceiling, right? Well, not exactly.

Sad to say, not all companies have taken recognition to the ‘end of inequality.’ Levo League aims to change that.

Led by “Chief Inpir/Instig-ation Officer,” Amanda Pouchot, Levo League offers a unique support system for women of all stages in their career.  Composed as a social network, the league helps format and lead women into their careers, allowing them to break through the glass ceiling via personal and professional support.

Women power the economy and sustain our middle class. According to a White House Press Release “For millions of families across our country, women’s wages mean food on the table, decent medical care, and timely mortgage payments. Yet, in 2010 — 47 years after President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 — women who worked full-time earned only 77 percent of what their male counterparts did … National Equal Pay Day represents the date in the current year through which women must work to match what men earned in the previous year, reminding us that we must keep striving for an America where everyone gets an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work.”

Just recently the Levo Leauge has initiated the hashtags #ASK4MORE, and #EQUALPAY. The goal is for women to earn more in salary within the next 20 years. For example, in order to earn $150K* in the next 20 years you’ll need to ask for a raise of 8.38% each year, which is a raise of only $1.26 more an hour.
(*Based on a 40-hour work week and 50 weeks worked a year.)

Levo League has lots of support and it’s not just from the White House. Other supporters who are backing up this startup include Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

The Levo Leauge is more than empowering –it’s a home base for progressive women. LOVE IT!

Click to learn more about the Levo League.