Posted by Renee Schmidt


Like gravity, the laws and principles of the universe are neither good or bad, nor right or wrong. Rather, these principles are simply a methodology for achieving desired outcomes.

According to physics, the universe is structured according to layers of creation (super-string theory). At the base of the diversity we perceive in our material physical and observable plane exists a universal field of intelligence. What we see with our five senses, the fragmentation we perceive, is but a speck of reality (according to science). The universe is made of particles whose vibrations determine their respective energy or mass. At a specific vibration, a particle acts like a particle of gravity, at another vibration it acts like a particle of light, or an electron, and so on. From these particles emerge categories of matter and energy that are the building blocks of the universe, as we know it. At a fundamental level, however, particles are particles –and at their source, they are all unified and all energy. Therefore, despite the perceived diversity, you and I are also comprised of energy and fundamentally originate from this single universal energetic field. The single characteristic of this universal field is: to share or impart. We, as people, or in collective form, as companies, are vessels for this universal energy. Vessels also have a single desire: to receive. So this begs the question: if the essence of the universe is to impart, and the essence of a vessel is to receive, why aren’t we constantly fulfilled and constantly achieving desired outcomes?

Herein lies the secret: because the universe is always and only in a state of imparting, if the receiver is not fulfilled, the problem is with the vessel. To achieve desired outcomes, one must apply the Universal Principles towards perfecting the vessel (irrespective of whether the vessel is a company, a nation, or a person). This is the only way to move directly to desired outcomes.

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