Posted by Renee Schmidt

We’re all accustomed to the wild world of drugs, which we are embedded in.

There are hard drugs like heroin and crystal meth, that are…well, how should I put this; pretty intense.

There are other drugs, notorious for being championed by its users’ as completely innocent and harmless, such as marijuana.

And there are even drugs that are hardly called “drugs”, in the derogatory sense, because of their mild affects, when used in proper measure, such as alcohol (which yes, is still a drug).

But anyone who has ever “chased the dragon” (ie: inhaling the vapor from heated morphine, heroin…placed on a piece of foil), or just had one too many Appletinis will tell you, drugs make you forget what’s happened and what is happening.

So when I heard about a drug that will actually help (?!) you remember what happened, I thought:

Well that’s an interesting twist, for once…

While not a “drug” in the same sense as cocaine, a new medication based on an enzyme which yeah, helps “maintain the long-term storage of memories in the brain”, is in the works.

This promising development has been tested on mice with encouraging results. The little critters were actually able to remember things that had happened to them, many days prior, with the assistance of this enzyme.

If this improvement in memory correlates with human subjects as well, it will be an extremely powerful but possibly even dangerous drug.

The first of its obvious benefits to mankind, is that it could drastically help the elderly who commonly experience age related memory loss.

But, like many areas of scientific advancement, this medication (or drug, if you prefer), may raise some interesting moral questions.

For instance; in long-dormant child abuse cases, that have gone cold due to a lack of evidence, is it improper to use this type of drug to jog the memory of the abused, in order to aid often blocked out and hidden memories? As this may be overly dramatic for the abused in and of itself, will they consent?

Let us know what you think about this memory boosting drug and the possible morally hazardous situations it can create, below…