Posted by Renee Schmidt

Margie Warrell (@margiewarrell) is one of my role models. Why?  Becaue she thinks bigger to be bigger!

For those of you who’ve never heard of Margie, there’s a lot to tell, so I’ll focus and hone in on the essentials:

  • Australian woman
  • Bestselling author
  • Media personality
  • Engaging and empowering speaker

Margie’s main emphasis is devoted to ensuring that people learn the tools to build the courage they need to excel in the modern world. She has many high profile clients and organizations that she teaches including Best Buy and even NASA.

NONE of the reasons above are why I consider Margie to be a role model of mine.

Of course, they’re all impressive pieces of data no matter who you are or how you look at them; but to me these are just the superficial credentials of a much deeper and more profound individual.

To me, Margie’s message is the most inspiring.

That’s why, after I just finished reading a truly flawless article she wrote for Forbes, I knew it was crucial that I write about it on SheBytes.

The article is titled “Can Women Do More To Make Their Way To The Top?”, and throughout the piece Margie asserts an unequivocal “YES!”

Part of the problem Margie says, is that “men are promoted on potential” but “women are promoted on performance.” While corporations, conglomerates and even HR reps for smaller companies see men as they can be, women are seen as they currently are. This is definitely a huge problem, but a potential solution I thought up is as follows:

Women need to recognize this disparity and respond to it!

Stating that there is inequality in the workplace is important, but it’s just something we can talk about for days on end. By zoning in on specific realities of this disadvantage, women can empower themselves to react accordingly. Because “women are promoted on performance”, it is first vital that corporate women interviewing for positions do everything in their power to secure a top notch and unstained resume filled with relevant experience. This way, they will be able to line up, toe to toe with a man applying for the same job.

But there’s much to be done beyond this.

Just because “men are promoted on potential”, it doesn’t mean that women can’t draw attention to their own personal potentials in order to harness that same exact weight of persuasion.

In fact, when it comes down to it, I’d hire someone who lacks some experience but exudes potential nine times out of ten, solely based on the idea that I believe this person has more to give me in the future then they have given previous bosses in the past.

So how can women go about making their potential more noticeable?

The single largest component of being recognized as an individual with much potential, even being a promising candidate, is the personal knowledge of the potential you harbor.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret:

If you don’t believe that you have potential, NOONE else will either!!

Women must first recognize the inner ability to change themselves and become more confident in the fact that they do indeed have the potential to do great and powerful things. Forcing yourself to see a “different you” is definitely not an easy task and there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. For some this can be as simple as spending more time on personal appearances before starting your day; look sharper to feel sharper. For others, this growth of confidence boils down to standing in front of the mirror for a handful of minutes each night imagining yourself as you want yourself to be. And my personal favorite; regimenting a short period of time once a week (between five and ten minutes), where you can be completely alone and meditate (close your eyes and think), that you have the potential to do whatever it is you put your mind to.

Margie put it simply but put it best; “Women have to think bigger to be bigger.”

Once you’ve made the transition to recognizing the potential inside; I guarantee others around you will notice the change as well. You will now be seen as somebody with huge space for development and growth because you yourself see this potential as well.

Women need to realize that their biggest critic and opponent to their personal success is themselves. At the same time; their greatest weapon and ally is the self. It’s in your hands to harness your inner confidence and put yourself in a position to prove your potential!