Posted by Renee Schmidt

The hilarious promotional video above really got me thinking about Nintendo’s upcoming holiday season.

Because of the price cut the Japanese manufacturer made back at the end of July (now you can grab a 3DS for $169.99), it will be particularly interesting to see how Nintendo performs this holiday season.

In an interesting survey done by GameSpot, they recorded that a whopping “28% of 3DS players say that 3D detracts from gameplay”! This is an astounding and frightening statistic Nintendo really needs to consider both now and before they release their next line of products. Maybe overall, the 3DS’ 3D capabilities doesn’t “suck in” gamers, as much as the above video suggests.

For the holiday season, Nintendo needs to consider downplaying the 3D capabilities of the 3DS in terms of a marketing approach. Because the 3D clearly isn’t the product’s draw, Nintendo may be better off toting the device as an undoubtedly futuristic portable gaming experience; which it clearly is.

In terms of the future, it is always crucial during the Research and Development (R&D), stages of a product, that you poll potential clientele and ask if they feel the technology incorporated enhances gameplay, as well as more basic points such as; is the technology ready for this application?