Posted by Renee Schmidt

SheBytes and Raspberry Pi have more in common, than meets the eye.

For starters, both of us enjoy cute and petite technology. We both see the power in the small, but powerful.

Secondly, Raspberry Pi’s tag line; “Take a byte!” makes us think that they’re fans of SheBytes themselves.

Either way, the charity, Raspberry Pi has done something astounding. David Braben and the Raspberry Pi team have developed a USB stick, sized computer. If you think you misunderstood that last statement, read it again.

They’re fully functional, USB sized computer will come out for around $25 and will seriously revolutionize the tech world. The probability of a device this small and cheap, appearing in classrooms and low income households around the world, is highly likely and will enable everyone to participate in the computer age.

Quoting Braben (from the video); “There’s so much between you, and doing something interesting or creative, that it gets in the way…Hopefully this device will be one of the pieces that helps change that.”

Amen David!

I can’t wait to keep a Raspberry Pi in my pocket.