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There are a multitude of iPad apps for kids, but selecting the right ones for your child isn’t always easy. From games to books, here are our top picks (based on a child’s age and interest). 

The Apple Store has plenty of iPad apps for kids that can keep children busy for hours. While apps are a great way to entertain your kids, they can also be an educational tool. Here are our top five iPad apps for kids. Apps in this list are appropriate for children ages 4+.

Angry Birds

Category: Games

Rovio and NASA have turned Angry Birds into an education tour in the latest version of the app, letting kids learn about explorations on Mars through this wildly popular game. Kids can also learn about different vehicles used for these explorations, while playing their favorite game. If you are looking for a top iPad game for your kids, download (or get an update for) Angry Birds.

Make Me Smile

Category: Entertainment

If you want to use your iPad as a toy for your toddler, you will find plenty of apps that can help. Make me Smile is a great example. It has a simple interface where your child will have to tap on a sad monster face to make it smile. When the monster smiles, the app takes snapshots of the child before and after. Parents love viewing these pictures later on. It’s definitely a great app for toddlers as well as parents.

Hugless Douglas

Category: Books

Hugless Douglas is an interactive book with plenty of fun for kids. It’s a story of a brown bear who wants a hug after coming out of hibernation. The bear searches everywhere for a hug and hugs different items including a huge builder, a tall tree, and even a bush. The animations are fantastic and kids will love rolling their fingers over the interactive book to see what happens next.

Barefoot World Atlas

Category: Educational

Barefoot World Atlas lets children explore the world virtually in a fun way. You can spin the globe or swipe it to learn various interesting facts about regions across the world. Apart from climate and geographical facts, the atlas also provides comprehensive information about popular buildings and landmarks across the world. The atlas comes with photos and videos. A great way for kids to learn geography!

Juno’s Piano

Category: Music

If you are thinking of getting a piano for your child but don’t want to spend money buying a real piano just yet, you can install Juno’s Piano on your iPad and give your child something to play with in the meantime. Juno ‘s Piano is one of the best iPad apps for kids when it comes to introducing them to a musical instrument.

Lastly, although it’s not an app, Spirituality for Kids is worth mentioning here. SFK is an online learning system and powerful technological tool for both children and parents.I recommend you check it out!

What did I miss? If you know of some incredible iPad apps for kids, leave a comment below and share!

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