Posted by Renee Schmidt

Try Dakwak to translate a website quickly; Dakwak provides easy and quick options for both machine and human translation. 

If you’re promoting a product to a global audience or you’re blogging for people all over the world, there’s no reason to have your website in only a single language. Although your site will receive traffic and most people around the globe will understand your content (if it’s in English), giving your users a localized version always helps to increase engagement on site. Imagine your website has visitors who speak Spanish; although they read English, if you were to offer them a Spanish version of your website, they’d develop a higher level of personal association (and loyalty) to it. You’d also be taking the edge over your competitors by offering your content in a number of languages.

So how do you go from an English-only site to one that’s in multiple languages? You’d think you have to find a number of translators to translate the copy on your site –only to have to re-translate it each time you update your copy. That’s sounds like an awful exercise in futility. Well, it is. There are of course a number of different services available online that can translate your website. Some services deploy human translation (ex: Ackuna, a crowdsourced translation site) while others use advanced translation software. But for a novice webmaster, it would be tough to find either a human translation agency or integrate translated text into the website so that it serves different versions to different readers. Now in comes Dakwak.

To solve this website translation dilemma, Dakwak has an easy solution. With Dakwak translation, you can quickly translate your website into different languages, without having to understand the technical aspects and implementation. You also don’t have to worry about the quality of translations, as you can choose between machine and human translation to keep high QA. Moreover, you can translate a website using professional translators, which too are available at Dakwak.

But you can’t translate a website without giving it a local flavor, right? After all, it simply wouldn’t attract the same audience as if it were a local site. Dakwak provides help with that too. The company can localize your website using their content and graphical services, making certain your website will attract huge traffic once its both translated and localized. So go ahead, Dakwak your site and watch your business grow. You’ll notice more visitors, with more time spent on site!

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