Posted by Renee Schmidt

What do bloggers, vendors, and entrepreneurs all have in common? They want more website traffic, to bring more business! With the help of Translation Cloud, the endeavor is a little easier.

There are masses on the Internet who do not speak English and website owners who simply don’t translate their respective sites, thereby leaving untapped audiences. If the language barrier were eliminated, then information on the internet could spread much faster – the more people who read a blog or visit an online store in their own native language, the more likely it is that they’ll subscribe to a feed or purchase an item. Or better yet, it may keep them coming back and even bring their friends!

Translation Cloud has created a very sleek and seamless translation button which makes it possible for people from all over the world to read any website they want. With just a click of a ‘Translate This’ button, the entire website is translated quickly and accurately into over 35 languages.

While almost 80% of people on the internet can not speak English, the thousands of people who have already downloaded ‘Translate This’ brings to light the incredible demand for those trying to find new ways to reach a broader audience.

For the past 2 years the team at Translation Cloud has been working hard to perfect their tool and has found great success rates amongst its users. With hundreds of downloads per day, Translate This is quickly becoming one of the most used website translation plug-ins available.

As the Internet continues to globalize, translation is no longer a secondary notion. It now goes hand in hand with search engine optimization, UI design, and marketing. By providing visitors with a tool to read a website in their own language on their own computer (as opposed to server-side), a website owner will no longer spend an arm and a leg on translation expenses, while still reaping the benefits of having a multilingual website.

Since the last thing a site visitor wants to encounter is a bombardment of pop-ups or essays of directions on how to read a site in their native tongue, one of the best things about the ‘Translate This’ button is how little space it occupies with no pop-ups to disturb visitors. The tool is intuitive and easy to use for visitors of any native language.

To get your ‘Translate This’ embed code, visit Translation Cloud’s website. Note, there’s even a version designed specifically for WordPress.