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Founded by and for travelers, Triposo delivers up-to-date information, detailed maps and intelligent recommendations for more than 15,000 destinations in 200 countries around the world.

Released in 2011, Triposo uses location, time, weather and users personal preferences to deliver custom, real-time recommendations of places to go and things to see. Whether you are a planner or prefer to go with the flow, Triposo helps you discover the unexpected and experience travel in a new way.

Triposo can be downloaded on your Apple iPad or Android tablet. Learn about the history and culture of specific destination, as well as practical information about the currency and language. The app lets users book a tour, plan sights to see, consider a day trip and find places to stay and eat.

Download a Triposo destination guide to your smartphone and once at your destination, have real-time information about where you are and what to see. Triposo makes dynamic, personalized recommendations about activities, museums, shopping and shows as well as parks, beaches and places to eat, drink and dance with the locals.

The comprehensive travel guide app Triposo has received yet another signification update, including Yelp integration and several major improvements. Triposo now features Yelp integration, thereby providing travelers with reviews of bars and restaurants from locals. Note, though, that Yelp reviews appear in the app only when the device has an Internet connection.

The new Triposo update also includes improvements to the app’s built-in maps. They are now said to be more detailed and still supporting work offline. To ensure that you get to store your desired travel guides offline with practically no waiting time, downloading of guides has been made faster in the new version of Triposo.  Whole countries now download in a fraction of the time.

The guides themselves have also undergone improvements through the new update. They now contain more images, more detailed restaurant suggestions, and badges for the best places to be. The update also adds a new stream of updates from other Triposo travelers, enabling you to discover what other great places are out there.

Triposo is still compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and the new version of it is now available in the App Store for free.

Pulling relevant information from Wikipedia, World66, Open Streetmaps, and other open sources, Triposo offers free guides for countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and for cities ranging from Amsterdam to Zurich!