Posted by Renee Schmidt

Calling friends is more fun than ever with Twiize, an app that lets you share photos, read updates, and check your friend’s recent activity while on a call.

There were times when people would write letters to friends and send them through snail mail. Then came the phone and people were able to call and have a chat. Eventually, texting made things even simpler and people began calling their friends more rarely. Ever since the Facebook era began, few people call their friends for updates. Phone calls have become outdated; the internet is a better way to connect and get information and updates on demand. After all, you can’t share photos through the phone while talking about your recent trip. If chatting on Facebook, however, you can easily share whatever you like. That said, deep down in our hearts, we know there’s something special about connecting to a person’s voice.

The Twiize app solves all that; Twiize is an interactive calling experience that helps you bring life back to phone calls. If you’re calling someone and you have Twiize installed on your smartphone, you can quickly scroll through the individuals latest updates, photos and recent activity. Twiize fetches the callers information from Facebook and connects you to his or her profile instantly. However, there is more to Twiize than just connecting a caller’s ID with their respective Facebook profile. The app also lets you share photos, draw amazing sketches and send it the caller, and even play games while on a call.

Twiize is a great utility app that makes boring phone calls a lot more fun. Not only can you connect to someone through a phone call, you also get all the talking points you need as you scroll through the latest updates they’ve posted on Facebook. You can browse through your friend’s recent activity while talking to him or her on phone at the same time. It saves you time and helps you learn more about the contacts in your phone (assuming they’re a Facebook friend). With this little app, you can even draw on screen and share it with the person you’re talking to, instantly. And unlike similar apps that help you connect to your friends in different ways, many of the Twiize features work even when your friend hasn’t installed the app. If you’ve got it, you can still enjoy the features!

Just in time for the holidays Twiize announced today the release of a new and improved version that includes the ability to send personal Christmas and birthday greetings while talking to your friend on the phone (instead of the alternative “send and forget” approach people use today with emails, SMS, Facebook posts, etc.). Pretty cool!

Twiize adds value to phone calls, making them more interactive and more productive at the same time. With this app installed on your smartphone, you’ll never be subjected to another boring call, ever again.

To get your hands on the app, download Twiize for Android from Google Play or learn more by clicking here. Coming to iPhone soon…