Posted by Jesse Braunstein


Nothing is more frustrating than constantly and endlessly being bombarded with emails for things you have absolutely no interest in. Don’t fear, Unroll.Me (@UnrollMe) is here to save you from a whole bunch of daily email hassle!

If you’re a regular player in the modern world, like the team here at SheBytes, we’re sure you consistently encounter the casualties of the tech generation…in a word: SPAM

According to ‘Old Faithful ‘(ie: Wikipedia), spam “is the practice of sending unwanted email messages, frequently with commercial content”. Not only does this clog your inbox making it difficult to find the emails you actually care about, but also it’s extremely time consuming.

With their clever tongue in cheek logo (yeah that’s a ball of yarn beginning to unroll), and pragmatic program design, the team at Unroll.Me have completely understood the clutter and developed their service with the mission of allowing “you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails in bulk!” and return your inbox to proper order.

Check out the concise video below:

After getting a priority beta invite from the team (thanks Isaac!), I shortly found out that I had upwards of 24 email subscriptions, many of which I had no idea existed.

Unroll.Me made short work of those unwanted subscriptions, ingeniously requiring me to spread the word of my de-cluttering, through social media  as a way to unlock more than five unsubscribes.

As of today, the nascent company has managed to amass 1,727 twitter followers, has been written up in LifeHacker and has given email peace of mind to many many people.

Sign up for Unroll.Me right here (trust me it’s totally worth the wait), and make it the first meaningful step to ending all of your useless subscriptions!

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