Posted by Renee Schmidt

If you love startups and entrepreneurship, you’ll be really inspired by the brand new nonprofit Venture For America!

Venture For America (@venture4america), abbreviated as VFA, is an organization on a mission best encapsulated by its tagline:

Mobilizing graduates as entrepreneurs

Its founder Andrew Yang modeled this brand new endeavor, off of the well-known organization Teach For America, with the similar purpose of stimulating American areas that are economically depressed, but with a different angle.

Venture For America is going to play matchmaker between startup companies in America and enthusiastic college graduates looking to make a difference by wielding their entrepreneurial spirit.

According to a Fast Company post on the VFA, Yang has set a goal of matchmaking and creating a whopping “100,000 U.S. jobs by 2025”. Now although this is ambitious to say the least, I believe as Yang does that this aim is tenable and can really change America for the good.

As time in college sees most students at their peaks of creativity, liberality and originality, by funneling these individuals to places like Detroit and New Orleans, the grads will get hands on work experience in a startup (for two years), with the option of future employment afterwards.