Posted by Renee Schmidt

Weesh: App for Couples

Be it food, health, travel, or lifestyle; you will find a mobile app for just about anything. But what you won’t so easily find is an app for couples. We’ve written about Pair in the past, a one-to-one networking app for couples, but other than Pair, there aren’t many other app options that let couples remain in touch and document their special moments. What’s more, the couple apps out there don’t address one key relationship pain point: how to spend your quality time together. With this in mind, the development team at JustUs created Weesh, a mobile app for couples that lets the couple create a “Weesh” list for activities they’d like to experience with one another. Like Pair, the app lets couples share precious moments through their phones; however, the app is specifically geared toward planning dates together, including activity suggestions.

 How to Weesh

Pick a partner from your contact list and bingo! All your photos tagged together on Facebook will appear in a timeline. This app for couples does this magic even if your partner has not approved your relationship request yet.

You can easily add activities and other notes related to your partner right on your photo timeline. You can even add your ‘wishes’ or pick one provided by the app. The app will also display a map of things you can do together in the area. You can easily choose from these activities and hang out together. If there are special discounts and offers for couples, the app will display it.

Since Weesh is all about social networking for couples, it lets your partner see your ‘wishes’ and activity proposals on your Weeshlist. If you are seeing someone else’s Weeshlist, you just have to take a picture to say ‘yes’ to a particular wish or activity. You can even see your own wishes from the past and use them as suggestions for activities you are planning now. In V2, you will even be able to ask other couples for suggestions. Using Weesh, you’ll be able to chat with other couples, without having to open another app for chatting.

What good are memories if you can’t recall them? Weesh lets you save your favorite moments so that you can share them with your friends – all this with a few taps on your mobile’s screen.The Weesh app for couples is user-friendly, despite being packed with features. You don’t have to spend hours to setup the app. Once you download the app on your phone, you will go through a quick tour that adds area the important information needed to use the app.

The app is the perfect mobile buddy for adding a little spark to your romantic life. Whether you want to stay in touch using the automatic timeline, Weesh board, instant messaging, or Weesh Map, this is a fantastic app. If you’re a couple that wants to add some spice to your romance life, the Weesh app for couples is perfect for you.

To learn more, visit the Weesh website or download the app at the App Store.