Posted by Renee Schmidt

Wondering what is Infrastructure as a Service? IaaS is the delivery of a full-featured, enterprise-grade, IT infrastructure (telephony, email, files and backup, mobile messaging, and remote access) as a fully-outsourced service, that is managed 24 x 365, by a highly-skilled team of professionals.  

IaaS eliminates many of the hurdles associated with implementing and supporting an IT infrastructure in-house: the infrastructure is “rented,” so there are no up-front hardware costs. You can get Iaas delivered through a Cloud Services New York based company.

There’s also no burden of high cooling/electricity costs, of dedicating valuable real estate space to hardware storage, and no need to hire/retain IT personnel to support hardware on-site.  The IaaS provider handles the implementing, updating, troubleshooting, patching, monitoring, administering, backing up, upgrading and everyday support of your IT infrastructure.  Click here to learn more about how Infrastructure as a Service can help your business create value.

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