Posted by Renee Schmidt

Photo Credit: Dave White, Artist – Superheroes and Villains Collection

If you wonder where the superwomen are –you know, the women in business who really know how to stand tall, take risks, and ultimately succeed in their respective fields — I have some insight!  Being an entrepreneur and a woman in business, it’s no secret to readers of SheBytes that I’m both fascinated and motivated by strong women.  I have dubbed women who are able to do the above; “superwomen”.

One of these superwomen is Janine Popick.

Janine is the CEO and founder of the online marketing company VerticalResponse. She is also the author of my favorite column, titled “Girl Power Female CEOs”, which focuses on enlightening business women on how to be entrepreneurs and manage their businesses.

Janine writes “It’s about time women are recognized for their contribution to businesses”, and dear, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Women play a vital role in the inequality between males and females in the workplace, simply due to their complacency. Ladies, if you have had the great fortune to stride into the upper echelons of the corporate world, but haven’t looked back at where you started off and advised others on how to take the same route, you are doing a great disservice to womankind.

Superwomen are inspired not only to climb and prosper, but to educate and encourage.

In fact, SheBytes itself is designed and designated to further empower women to achieve their professional goals. As Janine says “your goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)”.

On that note, I’d like to set a SMART goal right now:

  • I’d like to get this article to 50 Facebook likes and 50 retweets, within a week!

Although this may seem tough, if every women who reads this post shares it with her friends and colleagues, I’m sure we can reach and surpass this target, causing other women to share their experiences too!