Posted by Cynthia Sycip

When a woman falls for man, it happens because her heart tells her so –right? Precious! But wait, is that really the case? How many times does the average woman fall in love? I surmise the answer can be derived from intense research of Sex and the City episodes –that’s arguable, perhaps. However, according to new research by the University of Texas at San Antonio, it is hormones that determine how and what kind of man a woman falls for.

According to a recent study, hormones sabotage female rational thinking! Social Psychology researcher Kristina Durante explained to Live Science that because of the hormonal influence of ovulation, women have the tendency to delude themselves into fondness for whoever they perceive as “sexy, charming, and the ideal” man of their dreams. Never mind if he’s a rogue, with no job and a series of police records; if a woman is wearing her “ovulation glasses,” he may seem perfect.

Blame ovulation.

In defense of the ovulation theory, an experiment was set up wherein actors were hired to play decent guys and others to play rogues. Ovulating women were then asked to choose who they preferred. As you may guess, most of the woman who were ovulating preferred the “rogue types.”

Ladies: BEWARE! If you select a mate during ovulation, you may “bond” with the wrong man. And the the truth is, it’s wouldn’t be the woman’s fault; hormones are to blame (no logic involved). In fact, if this study is accurate, then a woman’s future happiness and family life is at risk every time she is ovulating.

Suffice it to say, if a woman knows when she’s most vulnerable to rogues, she can redirect thoughts should she suddenly find herself fallen in love with a sexy man. Or she can opt for a fertility thermometer (even if not trying to get pregnant) –coming to an iPhone app near you (kidding).

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