Posted by Renee Schmidt

Sephora single-point-of-sale done wirelessly, using an iPhone.

My Anastasia Brow products (fav!) needed a refresh, so I took a power-walk up to the Sephora store on 57th and Lexington today. I did a little shopping and one of the sales reps came over asking if I needed any help.  I let her know I was okay (I know my way around a Sephora store!), so she asked if I was by chance ready to check out –I was.  Expecting she would ask me to walk over to the register, I was surprised when she pulled out her iPhone to check me out!

Similar to the check-out at the Apple store, the rep looked up my Sephora Insider number using my email address, scanned my products on the spot, swiped my credit card, and even printed my receipt with an adjacent wireless printer!  I was blown away!  No need to wait in line, no bulky computer, no cashier; and the salesgirl on the floor was a single point of sale. I’m not quite sure what application the iPhone was running (maybe it was Square iPhone Payment Processing, which we had written about in the past) but I was amazed by how easy, quick and seamless my check-out was.

Most impressive was that this all took place while buying make up and not something more high-tech (like a MacBook Air from an Apple store –that was last week :)).

Good work Sephora!