Posted by Andrew Garde Joia

Photo by Andrew Kopietz

Want a clean, professional looking website without all of the hassle?  Try Workfolio to show off your accomplishments.

Workfolio is a web application that allows anyone to create a beautiful, distinctive website to highlight their personal brand.

In a difficult economy, Workfolio allows job seekers to go beyond the resume and tell the story of their careers in a rich and engaging way. For people who already have jobs, Workfolio makes it easy for the next new client, new hire, new employer, or new connection to find them (and be impressed when they do).

Workfolio makes it easy for anyone to create a website, removing many of the technical and content-writing hurdles that complicate the process for the average person. It helps users register their own domains, choose a beautiful website theme, and create high-quality content so they can feel great about their website and get back to business.

Workfolio’s Founder & CEO Charles Pooley came up with Workfolio after finding out firsthand how frustrating creating a personal website can be:

“About a year ago I was invited to do a number of speaking engagements, and I decided I needed my own website to help build my personal brand. I tried to use several of the popular website builders but found them to be complicated and frustrating. I realized that if I was having such a problem, being a designer and a fairly technical person, then this process must be close to impossible for less tech-savvy people. We ran a survey and found that 80% of respondents wanted their own website, but only 7% of them actually had one. And when asked why, the two most popular reasons were exactly what I encountered — people thought it was too difficult to set up their own website, and they had no idea what content to add to the website once they set it up. I took these results to my partners, and Workfolio was created shortly thereafter.

If you’ve ever tried to set up your own website, you probably remember feeling frustrated trying to get your website hosting, domain, and code to work together. If you somehow managed to get those to cooperate, you then had to create or buy a design theme, and let’s face it — most of us are not good designers. Then you’re left with another big question: what content goes on my website? Most people get stuck just after purchasing their domain — the learning curve is just so steep. We eliminate the technology and design hurdles for you, allowing you to focus on the important part — creating content to let the world know what you’re all about.”

Workfolio’s sleek design and simple, straight-forward interface is just what most people need. You can easily make changes to your website once it’s up, create a magazine-quality blogging experience, and provide visitors with access to documents, videos, and images to help tell your story. Workfolio even helps you promote yourself and your site with tools and tips, and comes complete with built-in traffic analytics.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for? Head over to their site at, and start your 7-day free trial today.

Andrew Garde Joia is a freelance writer, business consultant, and web design professional. Actively involved in the New York Startup Technology scene, he is a regular volunteer with Ultralight Startups NYC and is the Managing Director for Customer Relations at Bedphones – The Headphones Designed for Sleep. To find out more about Andrew, visit his About.Me.