Posted by Renee Schmidt

YAY images for iPad is a perfect tool for busy and demanding professionals who need quick access to top quality photos for blogs, online publications or business presentations.

That said, there are already a number of photo stock apps on the market, so what it is that makes YAY images a stand out? Mobile devices have become an inseparable part of modern life. Many people cannot imagine being out of touch with their network and online projects, even for a short time. It is hard to decide if it is a positive or a negative change in our lifestyle but the fact remains – it is happening. Constant access to online resources is of especial importance to digital publishers, bloggers and business people.

Mobile devices equipped with high-resolution cameras allow just about anyone to take a good-quality picture – but sometimes “good” is not enough. There is a specific group of mobile users who prefer working on iPads and need professionally taken photos. If you are a blogger for example, you understand that a proper article cannot be released without a really good photo. If you work in business and often prepare presentations for clients, you are probably familiar with the rule of thumb that “one picture is worth a thousand words.”

Nowadays, when work often happens outside of the office, mobility needs to meet top-notch quality and that’s what YAY images aims for. For those who don’t want to take a break in posting or would like to prepare a perfect-looking presentation on the go, YAY images for iPad will return a very useful tool for everyday work.

Why so? First off, YAY offers a unique color-based search feature to find images containing or missing certain colors. This is really helpful when a user is unsure what exactly he or she is looking for; it also makes searching for images way more fun. Another rare and useful functionality is the YAY in-app-purchase mechanism – a user buys credits to download 1, 5, 10 or 25 images directly on the iPad, while many photo stock apps enable users only to browse photos and not actually buy them. With other apps, another common problem is licensing. License agreements are often complicated, but in YAY images, ALL photos come with Royalty Free Licensing, which means that images can be used without restrictions, many times and in many projects, e.g. magazines and newspapers, websites, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, flyers, book covers, business cards etc. YAY images sync with, which includes a very convenient feature: an advanced project folder (lightbox) to manage and arrange photos.

These features make YAY images a highly useful app for freelancers and business people. To prepare a presentation or write a blog post, previously on PC or laptop would do. Today, a relatively small tablet and a well-designed app like YAY are enough to prepare a successful publication.

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