Posted by Renee Schmidt

On the heels of the release of iPhone 5 and iOS 6, YouMail, the most complete call solution and management app for the iPhone, has just rolled out an update to the app that is its most significant yet. YouMail now includes in-app, numberless messaging that allows users to drop voice messages and other recording to YouMail’s nearly three million registered users across iOS, Android and Blackberry without even dialing a number. Users can also use this feature to drop voice memos and other digital recording to themselves.

Another new feature that comes with this update is one-tap-ditch. You can direct unwanted calls to voicemail and even enable a ‘This number is out of service’ message followed by SIT tones. This features is meant to have unwanted callers take you off calling lists after hearing the SIT tones.

The iPhone was the first cell phone to promote visual voicemail, back in 2007. The feature was such a hit that many telecommunication companies started integrating visual elements into their voicemail. Aside from Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Instinct and Blackberry Storm were among the first to use visual voicemail.

One of the biggest concerns for visual voicemail is the accuracy of transcriptions. With attention to details, YouMail has perfected its transcriptions, making them quite accurate.  YouMail does not restrict you to just voicemail messages; allowing you to easily reply to voicemail through email or even text message. This means you don’t have to change your preferred communication method and you can communicate as you want, using one simple app.

However, if you are looking to enjoy the app without any limitations, you better go Pro. Buying the Pro version will remove any limits set for free transcriptions (everything free has its limits).

YouMail offers different subscription models allowing users with different needs to buy what they need. With YouMail Grab-It, you pay just $2.99 per month for advanced features, a price really worth the value. With this subscription option, you can keep the voicemail number provided by the carrier without having to replace it with YouMail’s number.

You can also enjoy advanced features of YouMail at a lower price (i.e. $1.99 per month). When you buy this subscription model, advertisements from apps interface will go away and voicemail capacity will increase to 5,000. Callers will be able to leave even 5-minute long messages. However, users will have to use YouMail’s voicemail number instead of your carrier’s voicemail number.

With all these features and excellent performance, YouMail is a nice to have voicemail app. I especially like the ability to send callers to a ‘this number is out of service’ message.

YouMail is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. It’s easy to configure, provides accurate transcriptions, and offers many free features. With varied pricing models and rich functionality to choose from, YouMail caters to a variety of users requirements, offering a great value for a visual voicemail app.