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YouTube Insight is a radical new way…oh wait, I’ve seen this before.

I saw a post today by Wired that focused on a much enhanced version of YouTube’s current user analytics interface:

YouTube Insight

Because of how overly simplistic the data system YouTube has in place is, YouTube Insight comes as a bright development. Now although for many, this may seem like a brilliant and original application of data, SheBytes knows better. YouTube’s forthcoming “Insight” service is extremely similar to its parent company’s own Google Analytics.

Google has time and again shown us the magic of what exactly data can do, and YouTube Insight is the next logical step in this process. Google specializes in the fact crunching, grungy, data ridden underpinnings of cyberspace, but has done something truly remarkable (which makes Google my personal favorite company):

Made this info approachable, digestible, and (most importantly), attractive!

This move is no easy feat by any measure, but Google has turned data (that’s right, just raw data), into a magnificent business.

YouTube Insight is certainly a necessary move and a strong step for the Google owned, online video site towards making YouTube a more pragmatic business tool.

Here are just a few of the advances Insight promises to users (anybody with a free YouTube account):

  • Demographics: Seeing the age and gender of your audience
  • Discovery: Looking at the searched terms which brought viewers to your video
  • Hot Spot: Our favorite feature! Shows users which portions of their videos are getting viewed the most, to lend insight into specific user response to video activity.

What all of these opportunities will allow businesses to do is to use YouTube as a more serious, accountable and efficient marketing tool than literally any video website in existence.

With such enhanced functionality, potential YouTube-ing businesses will no longer be as hesitant of using the video medium as a means to reach customers and advertise. Because of YouTube’s UBIQUITOUS brand recognition and immense popularity, I think Google is making a dazzling move from a business perspective.

I believe this aim, of turning YouTube into not only a place where you can find William Hung’s classic ‘She Bangs’ American Idol audition, but also a viable marketing platform for real businesses as bold and achievable.

Good luck YouTube!

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