Posted by Renee Schmidt

Zynga is by far, the hottest and most popular company in the world right now…and I can prove it!

A lot of you are definitely saying to yourselves; “Zynga?, I’ve never even heard of it!” And you may in fact be completely truthful in that statement. But that in no way changes my claim above.

Although you may not have heard directly of Zynga, I’m certain most of our readers are intimately familiar with this company’s products.

Does Farmville ring any bells?

I’ll be the first to come out and say it, I was OBSESSED with growing my personal virtual farm on Facebook; a game made by Zynga. Because Zynga is a game developer, it makes a lot of sense that you’ve probably heard of their games and apps instead of the parent company itself.

Recently, games like Words With Friends; essentially Zynga’s own version of Scrabble, has taken the iPhone by storm. Get Zynga’s Words With Friends, and it’s similarly unsophisticated game of Scramble With Friends right now and try them out for yourself!

So the main question here, is if most of Zynga’s recent iPhone games are very simple and traditional in design, like Hanging With Friends, how do we explain the fact that I’ve yet to come across an iPhone user unfamiliar with the games themselves?

The answer lies in the image above (screen-shot from Scramble With Friends), as well as the crucial “With Friends” portion of each game title. What Zynga has done exceptionally well, is to make all of these popular games a form of social media in and of themselves. Its seamless design is a quid pro quo paradigm, in which whichever player engages the game gets the first move and responds when their friend (but cleverly here; opponent) answers back with their own move, and your iPhone kindly alerts you. By infusing their products with an element of subversively addicting relationship based gaming, Zynga has gotten many hooked on playing their friends.

Check out any and all of the above Zynga games for yourself here, and see what I and Zynga mean when they say they’re “connecting the world through games”!

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